Denise Fiedler- PasteSF

I first met Denise in her San Francisco office building owned by Francis Ford Coppola, through our longtime friend Michael and we become instant friends!  We are like minds that embrace color, texture and a little whimsy!  I was captivated by her many sources of inspiration on her shelves, walls and books.










PasteSF is a custom handmade artwork and stationary item company for anyone seeking something different and original. Paste was established in 2009 when Denise was spring cleaning.  She unearthed a box filled with vintage books and flash cards which she had collected on many a flea market prowl.  Thinking they looked good, she put 2 + 2 together and then Paste was born!  





Denise started making collage in 2009 after working with textiles for many years.  Her collage work is inspired and informed by everything she has been drawn to throughout her life.   The cut outs of Henri Matisse, the floral mosaics of Mary Delaney, the graphics of the sixties, Marimekko, the textiles of Joseph Frank all contribute but mostly inspiration comes from her experience of being in the natural world- mostly plant and animal forms.










Her ability to be inspired from strolling around San Francisco, creating a portrait of a client's favorite pet, or working with a client over the phone to commission artwork for their new restaurant, makes her one of a kind!  She can create any size art from an  8"x10" to 24"x48" or larger! 
This is a wonderful opportunity to own a custom piece of your own!









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